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Library Section
Mrinmoy Kumar Mandal photo

Name: Mr. Mrinmoy Kumar Mandal

Designation: Librarian / Documentation Officer


The JSAC Library was established in 2004 with few books and 55 reports, now the Library has grown into sophisticated library facility with more than 1500 books (Printed + Digital), 1000 Report (Printed + Digital), and Journals (10+Printed and 1200+ Online Link) and other Library facilities. Currently the Library facility is used by staff, student and other department officials.


Its primary objective is to support and help in promoting research by catering to the needs of its scientific community towards the development of the State. In light of this, it has four clear objectives:

  • To select, acquire, organize and utilize the materials for the purpose of information dissemination relevant to the aims and objectives of the Center.
  • To provide services to scholars and staff and also members of the Center for the effective utilization of library resources.
  • Carry out research in areas of need and interest in the library with a view to improving resources and services of the library
  • Any user, anywhere, will have immediate access to the library resources, in the desired format


The library has a special responsibility to keep its clientele up-to-date and intellectually stimulated by providing pertinent literature, not only in areas of immediate concern, but also in areas of emerging and developing importance within the scope of the library; and by contributing to the preservation, transmission, and accessibility of new knowledge.

It extends one of the most liberal usage facilities in the region - all potential users have direct access to the shelves of the books and journals and offers extensive reprographic services to users from all over Jharkhand. Keeping in view, the basic services are:

  1. Issue of Documents: Users may borrow 5 documents at a time for a stipulated period.
  2. Reading Room: Reading facilities for all members and non-members on permission.
  3. Reference Service/Assistance: Reference queries from users are answered over telephone/ email/ SMS/ Whatsapp or in person.
  4. Online Public Access Catalogue: The Web Online Public Access Catalogue (Web - OPAC) of ‘LIBSYS’ is a very powerful search engine. With the help of the modules like ‘Quick Search’, ‘Browse’ or ‘Advanced Search’ one can search the library’s database. There are very many features like appearance of images of the of books while searching, access to their ‘contents’ and ‘summary’, availability of links to similar books as well as other books of the author in question, and the like. User may also see the content of current journal using ‘LIBSYS’.
  5. Bibliographic Services
  6. Photocopy Service: Photocopying of library resources is provided free of cost to scientific staff of JSAC. However, the service to non-members/members for non-academic purpose is being charged.
  7. SMS service: Newly arrived documents are informed to registered user by SMS/Whatsapp at the earliest.
  8. e-Mail Service: Any information related to staff are e-mailed as early as possible.


The JSAC Library has a sound collection of books, reports, proceedings and manuals mainly on the subjects like Remote Sensing/GPS/Photogrammetry, Geographical Information System (GIS), Geology, Soil, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology, Geography, Computer Science & Information Technology, Tribal Studies, etc.

The Library has also SOI toposheets for entire Jharkhand, Atlas and thematic maps of different subjects. The Library subscribes journals in field of Remote Sensing, GIS, Soil & Agriculture, Forestry and Computer Science.

The Satellite data (viz. AWiFS, LISS - III &IV,Cartosat& Quick Bird Data for entire Jharkhand State) and digital copies of documents are available for reference purpose in JSAC Library.

Collection consists of:

  • Scientific Books,: Printed and Digital
  • Report, Proceeding, Thesis , Manual etc : Printed and Digital
  • Light Reading Materials: General books, magazines, etc.
  • Journals: Printed and Online link
  • E-books: in PDF and Online link
  • Final out put records (hard/soft copy) of all projects which include Maps, CD/DVD/Hard Disks, Reports, Atlas & etc
  • Records of hard /digital copy submitted by different vendors and by the different Govt. Dept. under different projects
  • Satellite Data : ( CDs & DVDs)
  • SOI Toposheets
  • Thematic Maps of Entire Jharkhand in 1:50,000 Scale (hard / soft copy)
    • Vegetation classification Maps - 130 Sheets
    • Geological Maps (GSI) - 90 NOS
    • RGDWM Ground water Prospect Maps - Toposheets wise 130 Sheets
    • Soil Maps of Jharkhand ( toposheets wise)
    • Slop maps of Jharkhand ( toposheets wise)
    • Land Capability Maps of Jharkhand (toposheets wise)
  • Other Thematic Maps in different scale (hard & soft copy)
    • DVC Project area Ariel Maps in 1:10,000 Scale – 226 sheets
    • Planning Series Maps:- Major Cities of Jharkhand
    • RGDWM Ground water Prospect Maps; Entire Jharkhand (block wise)
    • Bauxite Prospect Maps 1: 25,000 - 26 NOS
    • Geological Qurd. Maps (GSI) - 1: 250,000 - 8 NOS
  • Village Cadastral Maps of Jharkhand State - 35343 Nos.
  • City guide Map:
    • Ranchi
    • Dhanbad
    • Jamshedpur
  • Atlas:
    • RGDWM Ground water Prospect Atlas: Entire Jharkhand ( Hardcopy and Softcopy in PDF format )
    • Cultural Atlas of Orissa
    • Mineral Atlas of India
    • Atlas of cropping system of India
    • Coal atlas of India
    • India Administrative atlas (1872 – 2001)
    • Wastelands Atlas of India
    • Wetland Atlas of India (Hardcopy and Softcopy in PDF format)
    • Land use Land Cover Atlas of India
    • Watershed Atlas of India
    • Jharkhand Administrative Atlas 2001: Maps in PDF
    • Jharkhand Administrative Atlas Vol. 1 & 2 (2011)


  • The Library is automated on LIBSYS (Rel. - 6.0) with unlimited WEBOPAC
  • Facebook page of JSAC Library has been prepared for searing of information. The face book address is
  • Insta page of JSAC Library has been prepared for searing of information. The instagram address is


For any suggestion and information please contact:
M K Mandal, Librarian / Documentation Officer, JSAC, Ranchi
Email: or call librarian - +91 651 2401719

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