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  1. Particulars of the Organization

    JSAC has been established in May 2003 by the Dept. of IT, Govt. of Jharkhand in collaboration with ISRO and presently functioning as an autonomous body under the Dept. of IT, Govt. of Jharkhand to provide the geo-spatial support and solution to the various government departments and other organizations in the field of development planning and e-governance. It is acting as a quick-decision support system.

  2. Functions & Duties

    The functions and duties of JSAC are to act as a nodal agency to collect, create, update, and develop central database related to natural resources, infrastructure, amenities and services and socio-economic aspects. It also includes the data analysis and preparation of action plan maps for various planning needs. And data dissemination and information diffusion is also a major aspect to meet the goal of development of Jharkhand State through the inputs from the Geo-Informatics or Geo-Spatial Technology.

  3. Administrative Setup

    Jharkhand Space Applications Center (JSAC) is an autonomous center established under the administrative control of Department of Information Technology, Government of Jharkhand with Chief Secretary as the Chairman of the Governing body and Development Commissioner as the Chairman and Secretary, IT as the Vice-Chairman of the Executive committee. Activities of JSAC are guided and monitored by the Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of Jharkhand and the Director, JSAC.

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  4. Objectives
    • Preparation of Natural Resource Inventory and mapping for the state using Space Technology inputs.
    • Creation of Geographical Information System (GIS) database for the state and make it available to all departments/users of the state.
    • To work as Nodal Agency in the field of Space Technology Applications through Remote Sensing, GIS-GPS & Satellite communications, etc., for Jharkhand state.
    • To Organize National / Regional workshops, seminars, symposia and awareness programs in the use of space technology for the development of the state.
    • To Interact with State Government, Industry and Academy so as to promote research activities in the Center.
    1. Definitions/Abbreviations used
      1. "RTI Act" means Right to Information Act, 2005;
      2. "JSAC" means Jharkhand Space Applications Center;
      3. "The Chairman" means Chairman of the Center under rule 6;
      4. "The Vice-Chairman" means one of Vice-Chairman of the Center under rule 7;
      5. "The Secretary" means the Secretary of Center under rule 10;
      6. "The Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee constituted under rule 8;
      7. "The Executive-Chairman" means the Executive-Chairman of the Executive Committee under rule 8;
      8. "Member Secretary" means the Member Secretary of the Executive Committee under rule 8;
      9. "The Director" means the Director of the, Jharkhand Space Applications Center under rule 9;
      10. "Year" means the Financial Year April to March of consecutive year;
      11. "Office bearers" Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary” of the Center;
      12. "Act Means" Society Registration Act 21 of 1860”;
      13. "Byelaws" means the Rules & Regulations framed under rule 13;
      14. "PIO" means Public Information Officer designated under Section 5(1) of the RTI Act;
    2. The powers and duties of its officers and employees

      All the activities related to the project or any other works will be under the guidance, supervision and control of the Director, JSAC. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to times by director to all the officers and employees.

    3. Discharge of its Functions

      Every officer and employee is directly responsible to the director as he/she gets jobs/works/functions directly from the Director, JSAC.

    4. Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records, held by it or

      Every officer and employee is directly responsible to the director as he/she gets jobs/works/functions directly from the Director, JSAC.

      1. Governing Body and Executive Committee
        1 Chief Secretary Chairman
        2 Development Commissioner Vice-Chairman
        3 Secretary, IT Department Vice-Chairman
        4 Secretary, Finance Department Member
        5 Secretary, Planning Department Member
        6 Secretary, Revenue & Land Reforms Member
        7 Secretary, Science & Technology Department Member
        8 Secretary, Home Department Member
        9 Secretary, Rural Development Member
        10 Secretary, Water Resources Member
        11 Secretary, Urban Development Member
        12 Secretary, Human Resources Dev. Member
        13 Secretary, Health Education Member
        14 Director, IT Member
        15 Director, Science & Technology Department Member
        16 Scientific Secretary or Director or his nominee Earth Observation System, ISRO, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India New Bel Road, Bangalore. Member
        17 Director or his nominee National Remote Sensing Agency, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Balanagar, Hyderabad. Member
        18 Director or his nominee Space Application Centre, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad Member
        19 Director, Dept. of Mines & Geology, Govt. of Jharkhand Member
        20 Director, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Jharkhand Member
        21 Engineer-in-Chief, PHED, Govt. of Jharkhand Member
        22 Experts in the field of Remote Sensing &GIS Member
        23 Experts in the field of Earth Science Member
        24 Experts in the field of Water Resource Member
        25 Experts in the field of Information Technology Member
        26 Director, Jharkhand Space Applications Center Secretary
      2. Executive Committee
        1 Development Commissioner Ex.Chairman
        2 Principal Secretary, IT Department Ex. Vice-Chairman
        3 Secretary, Finance Department Member
        4 Secretary, Planning Department Member
        5 Director, IT Member
        6 Director, Science & Technology Department Member
        7 Scientific Secretary or Director or his nominee Earth Observation System, ISRO, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India New Bel Road, Bangalore. Member
        8 Director or his nominee National Remote Sensing Agency, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Balanagar, Hyderabad. Member
        9 Director or his nominee Space Application Centre, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad Member
        10 Director, Jharkhand Space Applications Center Member Secretary
      3. Whether meetings of these governing body and Executive Committee open to public? No
      4. Whether minutes of the meeting accessible for public? No
  5. Directory of Officers and Employees or Monthly Remuneration received by Officers and Staffs : -

    The remuneration of Officers and Staff of the Center are governed by All India Service Pay Scale/State Government pay scale. They are paid their salary/remuneration in their prescribed scale along with allowances admissible to them as prescribed by the Government from time to time. In addition, some staff on contract basis/ terms are paid remuneration. No employee is paid less than the minimum wage prescribed

    1. The Status of Officers and Staff posted on Non-Plan Posts in the year 2005-2006
      SN Name of Post Name of Officer/ Employee Sanctioned Post Working Strength Vacant Post


      Mr. Sarvesh Singhal, IFS 1 1 0


      Sri Najmul Hoda 4 2 2
      3 Computer Scientist/System Analyst 2 0 2
      4 Satellite Communication Specialist1 0 1
      5 Jr. Scientist Dr.Niraj Sharma
      Sri Ravish Kumar
      3 2 1
      6 Programmer Sri Rajesh Rawani 1 1 0
      7 Asst. Programmer Sri Rakesh Kumar 2 1 1
      8 Fin/Accounts Officer Sri Prashant Kumar 1 1 0
      9 Adm.Officer 1 0 1
      10 P. A. to Director Sri Aman Kumar Singh 1 1 0
      11 Librarian Sri Mrinmoy Kr. Mandal 1 1 0
      12 Cartographer Sri Rahul Kumar Singh 1 1
      13 Scientific/Technical Assistant Mrs. Jyoti Bala Lamay
      Mr. Lakhan Lal Matho
      Mrs. Pammi Nitin Sinha
      5 3 2
      14 Computer Assistant Nishi Jaya Kullu
      Mr. Dilip Kumar Thakur
      2 2 0
      15 Administrative Assistant Sri Mahendra Rajwar
      Sri Anil Kumar
      4 2 2
      16 Driver Sri Narai Bhunesh Minj 2 1 1
      17 Peon 4 0 4
      18 Sweeper 2 2
      19 JRF 10 00 10
    2. Pay Scales of Employees
      SN Name of Post Pay Scale
      1 DirectorRs.16400-450-20000
      2 Scientist Rs.10000-325-15200
      3 Computer Scientist/System Analyst Rs.10000-325-15200
      4 Satellite Communication Specialist Rs.10000-325-15200
      5 Jr. Scientist Rs.8000-275-13500
      6 Programmer Rs.8000-275-13500
      7 Financial/Accounts Officer Rs.6500-200-10500
      9 Administrative Officer Rs.6500-200-10500
      10 P. A. to Director Rs.5500-175-9000
      11 Librarian Rs.5000-150-8000
      12 Scientific/Technical Assistant Rs.5000-150-8000
      13 Cartographer Rs.5000-150-8000
      14 Computer Assistant Rs.5000-150-8000
      15 Administrative Assistant Rs.4000-100-6000
      16 Driver Rs.3050-75-3950-80-4590
      17 Peon Rs.2650-65-3300-70-4000
      18 Sweeper Rs.2650-65-3300-70-4000
      19 Junior Research Fellow on Project Basis Rs.8000/- (Fixed)
    3. Details of Budget Allocated :

      Details of budget allocated to the Center for the year 2004-05 is as under :

      Plan Head

      SN Head Budget Proposal Allotment Received Expenditure till 31st March 05
      1 Pay and DA 35.95 35.95 31.65


      03.00 03.00 04.32
      3 Office Complex at ATI Building 05.00 05.00 05.20
      4 Telephone & Fax Charges 02.00 02.00 01.69
      5 Maintenance of Vehicle & Fuel Charges 2.50 2.50 03.42
      6 Postage & Stamp Expenses 00.50 00.50 00.14
      7 Printing & Stationeries 04.00 04.00 06.00
      8 Electricity, Diesel Generator & Water Charges/ Maintenance 02.50 02.50 01.50
      9 Other Miscellaneous Expenditures 5.00 5.00 08.25
      60.45 60.45 62.17
    4. Details of budget allocated to the institute for the year 2005-06 is as under : -
      SNHeadBudget Proposal(Rs. In Lakh)Allotment Received (Rs. In Lakh)Expenditure till 31st March 06(Rs. In Lakh
      (a) Pay20.73
      (b) DP10.36
      (c) DA05.29
      (d) HRA04.22
      (e) Transport Allowance00.56
      (f) Medical Allowance00.17
      (g) C.C.A.00.37
      (h) Other Allowance06.78
      2TA 02.00
      3Audit Fee00.50
      Annual Maintenance & Equipment Charge03.00
      (a) Air Conditioners 01.00
      (b) PCs, Photo Copier, Fax Machine etc.01.00
      (c) Insurance of Equipments01.00
      4 Rental Expenses 05.60    
      (a) Office Complex at ATI Building03.60 
      (b) Diesel Generator set including fuel02.00 
      6Electricity & Water Charges/Maintenance01.50
      7Telephone & Fax Charges02.00
      8Postage & Stamp 00.50  
      9Maintenance of Vehicle & Fuel Charges   01.50  
      10Cartographic Consumables 01.00  
      11Computers/UPS and Accessories and Upgradation 04.00  
      12Field Equipments including field camera 01.00  
      13Purchase of Books & Ready reference materials/ journals 01.50   
      14 Minimal Visual Image interpretation Equipments 00.50   
      15Cost of Remote Sensing & other data products 03.00  
      16Printing & Stationeries 01.50  
      17Other Miscellaneous Expenditures 01.00  
  6. Library :

    The JSAC Library has sound collection of books, reports, proceedings and manuals mainly on the subjects Remote Sensing/GPS/Photogrammetry, Geographical Information System (GIS), Geology, Soil, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology, Geography, Computer Science & Information Technology, Tribal Studies, etc. The Library has also atlas and thematic maps of different subjects. The Library subscribes journals in field of Remote Sensing, GIS, Soil & Agriculture, Forestry and Computer Science. Satellite data (AWiFS, LISS - III & IV for entire Jharkhand, IKONOS, Quick Bird and CARTOSAT-I data for Ranchi city and Surroundings) and digital copies of documents are available for reference purpose in JSAC Library.

    The Library provide technical support to the Scientists and also actively help in research and extension programmes of the department. The Library extents the facilities to the scientists, research scholars, students, academicians and administrators.

    The Library provides, Online Journal Search Services, CAS (Current Awareness Services), Reprographics Services, References/Information Services and Internet Services, etc. Online Public Access Catalogue Search Services is to be introduced shortly.

    For Information, query, the any assistance and the use of library, the librarian may be consulted at following address : -

  7. Information can be had in printed form or in digital form (in restricted manner) from 10.0 am to 5.0 p.m. on working days. Information from the Library can also be had between the same time on working days. The contact of the librarian is: Information on the internet can be accessed anytime from the website www.jharkhand.gov.in/IT/JSAC
  8. Contact persons for getting more information

    Director Jharkhand Space Applications Center, Ranchi may be contacted for more information [at the following address] : -

  9. Information in Electronic form

    The Website of JSAC - http://www.Jharkhand.gov.in/ contains relevant information on JSAC's activities. Efforts are made to update the Website as often as possible. In addition, training materials and other published materials are kept in Electronic form which are made available to participants at training programmes.

  10. How to Apply : -


    Any citizen of India who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 may make a request preferably in the Application Format in writing to the Public Information Officer of the Concerned Jharkhand Space Applications Center (JSAC).

    (b)Application Fee : In accordance to directives given in the Gazette Notification issued by Deptt. Of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Govt. of India, vide No. 34012/8(s)/2005-Estt. (B) dated 16/09/2005, the application for obtaining information under sub-section (1) of section 6 must be accompanied by prescribed application fee drawn in favour of JSAC, payable at the local office where the application has been submitted. At present the application fee, which is subject to change from time to time, is as under:- An Application fee of Rs. 10/- per application will be charged for supply of information other than the information relating to tender documents/Bids/Quotations/Business Documents in addition to the cost of document or photocopies of document/information, if any. For tender documents, an application fee of Rs. 500/- per application will be charged. A sum of Re. 1/- per page will be charged for supply of photocopy of document (s) under the control of the Institute.

    In the case of information in Electronic format, the charges will be Rs. 25/- per floppy/ Rs. 100/- per CD in addition to the fee mentioned above.


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