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Sl. No. Vendor Name Industry Name View Data
1 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Hindalco Industries Limited View Data
2 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Bokaro Steel Plant View Data
3 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Maithon Power Limited View Data
4 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Shri Balaji Industrial Engineering Ltd. View Data
5 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Adhunik Power and Natural Resources Ltd. View Data
6 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Ankur Biochem Pvt. Ltd View Data
7 Aaxis nano Technologies Pvt.Ltd Tata Power Co Ltd (Jojobera Power Plant) View Data
8 Environnement SA India Pvt. Ltd M/s Electrosteel Steels Ltd View Data
9 Environnement SA India Pvt. Ltd Tata Steel west bokaro BOKARO View Data
10 Forbes Marshall Hindustan Copper Limited View Data
11 Forbes Marshall M/S Tata Power Company Ltd View Data
12 Forbes Marshall M/S Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd View Data
13 Forbes Marshall Tata Pigments Limited View Data
14 Forbes Marshall M/s Tata Steel View Data
15 Forbes Marshall M/s Bokaro Thermal Power Station View Data
16 Forbes Marshall Test_Tinplate ETP#1 View Data
17 Forbes Marshall M/S Rungta Mines Ltd View Data
18 Forbes Marshall M/S Nilachal Iron And Power Ltd View Data
19 Forbes Marshall M/S Brahmaputra Metallics Ltd View Data
20 Forbes Marshall M/S Atibir Industry Co Ltd,Unit-1 View Data
21 Forbes Marshall M/S Electrosteel Steels Ltd View Data
22 Forbes Marshall M/s SWATI CONCAST And POWER PVT LTD View Data
23 Forbes Marshall Narsingh Ispat Ltd View Data
24 Forbes Marshall M/s Kameshwar Alloys And Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
25 Forbes Marshall M/s Emaar Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
26 Forbes Marshall M/S Anjaney Ferro alloys View Data
27 Forbes Marshall M/S Divine Vidhut Ltd View Data
28 Forbes Marshall M/S Balaji Industrial Engineering Ltd View Data
29 Forbes Marshall M/S Adhunik Alloys And Power Ltd View Data
30 Forbes Marshall M/S Sundaram Steels Pvt.Ltd. View Data
31 Forbes Marshall M/S Orissa Manganese and Minerals Ltd View Data
32 Forbes Marshall M/s Chandil Industries Ltd View Data
33 Forbes Marshall M/S Sidhivinayak metcom P Ltd View Data
34 Forbes Marshall M/S Bihar foundries Ltd View Data
35 Forbes Marshall M/S Hindalco Industries Ltd View Data
36 Forbes Marshall M/S Santpuria Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
37 Forbes Marshall M/S Jharkhand Ispat Pvt Ltd. View Data
38 Forbes Marshall M/S Ankur Biochem (p) Ltd View Data
39 Forbes Marshall M/S Bimaldeep Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
40 Forbes Marshall M/S Maa Chinamastika Cement and Ispat Pvt Ltd View Data
41 Forbes Marshall M/S Gajanan ferro (p) Ltd View Data
42 Forbes Marshall M/S Castron Technology Ltd View Data
43 Forbes Marshall M/S KYS Sponge Iron Ltd View Data
44 Forbes Marshall M/S Chandrapura Thermal Power plant View Data
45 Forbes Marshall M/S Chintpurni Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
46 Forbes Marshall M/S Venkateswara Sponge Iron Pvt.Ltd. View Data
47 Forbes Marshall M/S Sri Venkatesh Iron And Alloys (India)Ltd View Data
48 Forbes Marshall M/S Jamshedpur Minerals and Chemicals View Data
49 Forbes Marshall M/S Maa Tara Ispat Industries (p) Ltd View Data
50 Forbes Marshall M/S Dalmia Cement East Limited View Data
51 Forbes Marshall M/S Jai Mangala Sponge Pvt Ltd View Data
52 Forbes Marshall M/S Dayal Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
53 Forbes Marshall M/S Jai Durga Iron and Steel Ltd View Data
54 Forbes Marshall M/S Nanak Ferro Alloys View Data
55 Forbes Marshall M/S Shah Sponge Ltd View Data
56 Forbes Marshall M/S Anandita Trades View Data
57 Forbes Marshall M/S Ramgarh Sponge View Data
58 Forbes Marshall M/S SHIVAM IRON View Data
59 Forbes Marshall M/s Electro Steel Ltd View Data
60 Forbes Marshall M/S Inland Power View Data
61 Forbes Marshall M/s Kunj Iron Products Pvt Ltd View Data
62 Forbes Marshall M/s Swati Udyog Pvt Ltd View Data
63 Forbes Marshall M/S Shri Ram Power And Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
64 Forbes Marshall M/s Kohinoor Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
65 Forbes Marshall M/s Shankar Ferro Alloys View Data
66 HNL System Pvt.Ltd Nilanchal Iron And Power Ltd. View Data
67 Knowledgelens Saluja Steel and Power Ltd View Data
68 Knowledgelens Electrosteel Steels Ltd. View Data
69 Knowledgelens M/s Calcutta Carbide Pvt. Ltd. View Data
70 Knowledgelens M/s ACC Limited, Chaibasa Cement Works, View Data
71 Knowledgelens M/s Jharkhand Ispat (P) Ltd. View Data
72 Knowledgelens m/S Kohinoor Steel (P) Ltd. View Data
73 Knowledgelens Vaishnavi Ferro Tech Pvt Ltd View Data
74 Knowledgelens M/s Balashree Metals Pvt Ltd View Data
75 Knowledgelens M/s Maithon Power Ltd View Data
76 Knowledgelens M/s Bio Genetic Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. View Data
77 Knowledgelens M/s Bokaro Power Supply Company Pvt Ltd. View Data
79 Knowledgelens Tenughat Thermal Power Station View Data
80 Knowledgelens M/s BMW INDUSTRIES LIMITED View Data
81 Knowledgelens Sri Venkatesh Iron And Alloys India Ltd View Data
82 Knowledgelens M/s KYS Sponge (P), Ltd. View Data
83 Knowledgelens Chandil Industries Pvt Limited View Data
84 Knowledgelens M/s Hindustan Copper Ltd View Data
85 Knowledgelens Shriram Power and Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
86 Knowledgelens Shree Bholey Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
87 Knowledgelens Shivam Iron And Steel Co. Ltd View Data
88 Knowledgelens Ramgarh Sponge Iron Private Ltd View Data
89 Knowledgelens Santpuriya Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
90 Knowledgelens M/s Jharkhand Sponge Iron (P) Ltd. View Data
91 Knowledgelens M/s JINDAL STEEL and POWER LIMITED View Data
92 Knowledgelens Rungta Mines Limited View Data
93 Knowledgelens M/s Beekay Steel Industries View Data
94 Knowledgelens M/s Jai Mangla Sponge Iron (P) Ltd. View Data
95 Knowledgelens Usha Martin Limited View Data
96 Knowledgelens Yash Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
97 Knowledgelens Maa Chinmastika Cement and Ispat Pvt Ltd View Data
98 Knowledgelens M/s Eastern India Powertech Ltd. View Data
99 Knowledgelens M/s Aloke Steels Industries Pvt Ltd View Data
100 Knowledgelens M/s Brahmaputra Metallics Ltd. View Data
101 Knowledgelens Usha Martin Ltd View Data
102 Knowledgelens M/s Balmukund Sponge and Iron Ltd View Data
103 Knowledgelens M/s Sidhi Vinayak Metcom Ltd View Data
104 Knowledgelens Tata Steel View Data
105 Knowledgelens M/s Harshit Power and Ispat Pvt. Ltd. View Data
106 Knowledgelens Atibir Industries Co Ltd Unit-II View Data
107 Knowledgelens M/s Smridhi Sponge iron (P) Ltd View Data
108 Prima Equipment M/s Aloke Steels Industries Pvt Ltd View Data
109 Prima Equipment M/s Anindita Steels Ltd View Data
110 Prima Equipment Ramgarh Sponge Iron Pvt Ltd View Data
111 Prima Equipment Saluja Steel And Power Pvt. Ltd. View Data
112 Prima Equipment Shivam Iron And Steel Co Ltd View Data
113 Prima Equipment Venkateshwara Sponge And Iron Co.Pvt Ltd View Data
114 Prima Equipment Vishal Sponge Pvt.Ltd View Data
115 Prima Equipment Santpuriya Alloys Pvt Ltd View Data
116 Prima Equipment Maa Chinnmastika Cement And Ispat Pvt Ltd View Data
117 Prima Equipment Shriram Power And Steel Pvt Ltd View Data
118 Prima Equipment M/s Ashirwad Steels and Industries Limited View Data
119 Prima Equipment M/s Atibir Industries Company Ltd Unit t-II View Data
120 Prima Equipment M/s Atibir Industry Co Ltd,Unit-1. View Data
121 Prima Equipment M/s Electrosteel Steels Ltd. View Data
122 Prima Equipment M/s Jai Durga Iron Pvt. Ltd. View Data
123 Prima Equipment M/s Jharkhand Ispat (P) Ltd. View Data
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