Jharkhand Space Applications Center, Dept. of  IT, Govt. of Jharkhand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Services JSAC Provides.
  • JSAC provides the services in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS
Which Satellite Data is Available with JSAC.
  • AWiFS: Entire Jharkhand (of different date of pass)
  • LISS III: Entire Jharkhand (of different date of pass)
  • LISS III ( UTM): Entire Jharkhand (toposheet wise in 1:50,000)
  • LISS IV: Entire Jharkhand (of different date of pass)
  • LISS IV: Entire Jharkhand (Ortho Rectified-2011-13)
  • CARTOSAT -1: Entire Jharkhand ( Stereo Pair -2006- 2008)
  • CARTOSAT -1: Entire Jharkhand (Ortho Rectified -2006-11)
  • CARTOSAT -2: Major cities of Jharkhand
  • TM DATA: Major cities of Jharkhand
  • QUICK BIRD: Almost entire Jharkhand (2006-2008)
  • ASTER DATA: Lohardaga and surroundings
  • QUICK BIRD: 10 Cities of Jharkhand ( 2011-14)
  • HYPERION DATA: Lohardaga and surroundings
What is the Procedure of joining as internship in JSAC.
  • The student has to submit the application through the Head of the Department of university in the prescribed format. The students will be selected based on the availability of vacant positions.

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