Jharkhand Space Applications Center, Dept. of  IT, Govt. of Jharkhand.

Edusat Based Distance Education

Statement of marks of 23 Participants who attended the Advance course on "Geoweb Services-Technology and Applications" at Jharkhand Space Application Center,Ranchi pdf document
Lecture- 26 February 2013 Introduction_OpenLayer pdf document
Lecture- 22 February 2013-Spatial data interoperability and OGC Web services pdf document
Lecture- 20th February 2013 ArcGIS_Server_KP pdf document
Assignment_12th February 2013.pdf pdf document
Lecture- 11Feb13_Intro_Geospatial Technology pdf document
Lecture-12Feb13_Internet technology-Overview & architecture pdf document
Lecture-14th February 2013 Web applications for geo-spatial data dissemination and processing pdf document
Lecture-Introduction to Web technology for GIS- M pdf document
Lecture-19 February 13SDOM pdf document
List of Participants attending 10th IIRS Outreach pdf document
Course on Geoweb Services-Technology and Applications" through Edusat pdf document
Reevaluation of answer sheets of Module I pdf document
Marks of four participants who attended the ninth satellite based distance learning basic course on "Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System Sensingat Jharkhand Space Application Center, Ranchi. pdf document

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